Bring Me Back

 Thus says the LORD,
         "Restrain your voice from weeping
         And your eyes from tears;
         For your work will be rewarded," declares the LORD,
         "And they will return from the land of the enemy.
    There is hope for your future," declares the LORD,
         "And your children will return to their own territory.
    "I have surely heard Ephraim grieving,
         ‘You have chastised me, and I was chastised,
         Like an untrained calf;
         Bring me back that I may be restored,
         For You are the LORD my God.
    ‘For after I turned back, I repented;
         And after I was instructed, I smote on my thigh;
         I was ashamed and also humiliated
         Because I bore the reproach of my youth.’
    "Is Ephraim My dear son?
         Is he a delightful child?
         Indeed, as often as I have spoken against him,
         I certainly still remember him;
         Therefore My heart yearns for him;
         I will surely have mercy on him," declares the LORD.

Jeremiah 31:16-20




0 comments on “Bring Me Back

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    There is nothing more dear than to be close to the Lord.

  2. Replica Watches says:

    The love of friends is like that—once it is given, it sets in and grows, blooming strength and encouragement season after season.

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