A Sun-scorched Land



I thought it was time. The danger of frost seemed to have passed. I had taken a very special potted plant and placed it inside for protection. Now, it would be safe outdoors again.

If only it had been a few feet over in the shade, things would have been fine. Without careful planning, I positioned the pot where it would be exposed to too much sun. Later, I noticed that it had wilted and some of the leaves had turned a terrible black and brown, scorched by the relentless rays. It looked horrible, with every leaf bent over, dying.

The trip back inside entailed a temporary home for my precious plant. I tucked a dinner plate underneath the plastic pot and poured water on the dry, crusty soil that cushioned its roots. After quite some time, it didn’t look much better. Could it be that I was noticing just a slight uplift in the leaves? Perhaps not.

The next day, I had a pleasant surprise awaiting me. There, on the counter, my plant proudly stood upright, scorched leaves and all, rejuvenated by the nourishing water and the absence of the intense heat. It should be fine from now on, given that I continue to care for it properly.

Lately, I have found myself to have been misplaced. Instead of being positioned in a safe environment, it’s as if I have been too close to the damaging rays of discouragement. Wilted and zapped of energy, my attitude has been sluggish and bent over.

If I am to gain the proper perspective, a move will have to be made. I will have to allow God to "water" me with His wisdom and comfort. True, some of my leaves will still be scorched, but they will be reminders to stay closer to Him and away from the damaging rays of independence.






0 comments on “A Sun-scorched Land

  1. Nancy says:

    That’s a great comparison, I often find myself in the same place you have but with the proper care of our Heavenly Father I can get back into shape, no matter what…

  2. luvmy4sons says:

    Beautiful illustration and hitting so close to home for me!

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