What Counts


It was a sunny day–chilly and clear.  I stepped onto the mini bus destined for a women’s conference in a nearby city. The theme was to be, "A New Year–A New You."  Since the possibility of positive change usually sparks my interest, I was looking forward to attending.

The speaker was both amusing and thought provoking. She asked the participants many questions intended to aid us in self reflection as we sought to define ourselves with a sharper mental focus.

Most of the questions were not difficult for me to answer. I might describe it this way: Imagine being in a room with dozens of different  boxes.  You listen to a set of questions. The answers are found only in the selection of a box. "What was your favorite childhood game?" " Okay," you think. " That would be the purple boxes. Those are all the games I remember. Yes, here’s the box for Monopoly." You select the mental box and bring it to the front of the room and place it the proper area for responses. Now, you’re ready for the next question.

That worked fine for awhile, as long as I could go and mentally choose a "box" to offer myself during introspection. The trouble was, the questions were not about childhood games. Probing words meant for earnest thought were shaped into questions like, "If you had only one week to live, what would you regret about your life?"  "Name three things that matter to you."  "Complete the sentence: I am very uncomfortable________."

Those mental boxes were a little harder to locate. I actually had a moment where my search for an appropriate box startled me. It seemed that as I rummaged through the available memories, there were no boxes to bring to the front. Finally, one surfaced from deep within the pile. It had not been acknowledged in many, many years.

Sometimes change is difficult. A "NEW you" might have to begin with a greater understanding of the "OLD you." That may not be an easy task to engage in. That was where I found myself today.

The possibility of positive change. With God’s help, I believe the possiblities will become realities in His time.



0 comments on “What Counts

  1. In His Glorious Name Ministries says:

    I love it.

  2. luvmy4sons says:

    Sounds like an intense session. Many thoughts to think on here!

  3. Meme AKA Oma says:

    yes- good thinking thoughts-
    I can find the boxes but I always have trouble with getting the lid off–I am working with the Lord on a new Meme – I know He has good plans for me but I need to listen or I will miss directions which is the old me….hugs from Meme

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    I believe the possiblities will become realities in His time.

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