I’m not much of a movie watcher. Today, however, I saw a very tender and sweet movie. Just in case that component of a film does not appeal to you, I will say that it was also laden with examples of deceit, greed, disregard for others and out and out hatred. Perhaps that makes it sound more exciting… But, wait! I did say it was tender and sweet. Permit me to clarify.

The crux of the story revolves around a couple’s visit to an orphanage and their final decision to adopt. Much love is formed through the adoption process. Because of the incidious jealousy of one of the characters, the new family unit is broken. As the young orphan comes to the realization that he truly wants to be with his adopted family, he becomes the captive of complete lies—lies spoken to him from the heart of one who is both jealous and insecure. It is this character’s intention to convince the young heart that he is indeed not loved and certainly not wanted by his adoptive parents. The deception is carefully woven around partial truths and misconceptions of reality. It is almost sickening to witness the emotional wounds being delivered to someone so innocent and naive.

As I listened intently to the twisted words being spoken ever so smoothly on the screen, there was a connection in my heart as I realized once again how this ploy of Satan works in our lives. How realistic lies from the devil appear to be at times! We cannot afford to accept what "looks" genuine without first analyzing its authenticity in the light of God’s truth in the matter.

Thankfully, the producers of the film felt it necessary to provide the audience with a happy ending. The family is heroically restored and feelings of hatred are replaced with mutual respect and consideration.

Look closely at the picture below. There are subtle scratches and lines apart from the bright array of colors. What is it a photo of, anyway? The hues are bright and vibrant, yet what is producing them? It was not painted. It had no light of itself.

I simply took a picture of a music CD with sunlight reflecting from it while inside my car. The scratches were real and quite permanent. The colors were NOT really there, apart from the sun’s rays. They only appeared to be so. If I had moved the disc to another location, it would have looked entirely different. Life can be like that.

We must choose who and what to believe on a daily basis. The ever present conflict between the truth of God’s word and the deception of the world is ongoing and active.

With His guidance, we can identify what is genuine and reject what is false.

Have you heard any lies lately?





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  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Awesome! The enemy is always trying to twist what is true and lovely into lies and ugliness! Great analogy in the picture!!

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    Lots of people decide on as a result of rather truth because of this.

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    When fear creeps in quietly around the corner of our minds, how can we confront it? Reminders of God’s past faithfulness and the promises of His everlasting love will help to calm our concerns.

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