If You Hear

Do you ever put things off? I do. About a year ago, I borrowed a book from a friend that dealt with the subject of house cleaning and organization. One of the suggestions has remained forefront in my mind:

                 "Right away is the best way."

Often I have remembered these words and proceeded to do whatever it was that I was contemplating putting off until a later time. It’s actually quite freeing to take care of matters quickly, without delay. When a task is done, it does not sit naggingly on a to-do list, demanding attention from some arbitrary point in the future.

When we hear God speaking to us, do we hesitate to listen and to heed His instruction? Do we put off obedience until a more convenient time presents itself? Doing so may actually serve to make our hearts less tender toward His leading in the future.  When we hear His voice, we should listen—right away.

It’s the best way.






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