Sing Praises

Do birds sing praise to God? I can imagine it. What if every tweet and chirp uttered in the branches above was laced with an element of praise?

It was a clear, chilly afternoon. As the sun was drawing nearer to the horizon today,  the birds were enjoying their last escapades of flight before dusk. They were everywhere!  Covering areas of the neighborhood lawns, darting from this tree to the next, all with excitement in their voices. Sitting on a branch near our driveway was a solitary bird. The sunset was casting a glow behind him that I wasn’t aware of until viewing his early evening portrait. The yellow leaves remaining on the limbs hung delicately around him.

Do birds sing praise to God? I really don’t know. Of one thing, I am certain: I may choose to use the voice God has given me to exalt His name. May the words I utter be laced with the joy of knowing there is a God in Heaven and I am His child.




0 comments on “Sing Praises

  1. Meme AKA Oma says:

    I have to stick to ”talking praises” as singing is not a good thing for others to hear- I know God tells us to make a joyful noice and also that even the rocks will cry out- I should be finding the verses – sigh– but Meme is having a sad night- so maybe tears are praise too?!

  2. Jim Swindle says:

    I love the photo of the robin. Where we live now, we usually see them only briefly as they are heading north in the spring and south in the fall. They are an all-summer bird in the Midwest. I do think the birds were created to praise God.

    A note to rejoice16 – We can sing a silent song when singing out loud isn’t appropriate. We can sing (even if others say we can’t) when we’re all alone. And yes, he hears the songs in the tears. I know nothing of your situation, but may the Lord comfort you and may he work in you and in Meme.

  3. luvmy4sons says:

    A beautiful picture…I love the sun shining through.

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