A Record of Sins

Have you ever felt that you couldn’t "stand" before someone, because they kept a record of your "sins"—your faults or failures? I have.

Even after genuinely asking for forgiveness, the lack of warmth in the relationship was still there. Situations like this one can weigh heavily on a repentant heart.

What about God? What happens when we genuinely ask for forgiveness? He does forgive, and the record of wrongs is not validated. The warmth in the relationship is restored. The repentant heart is renewed once more.

If God kept a record of our wrongs, who could stand? Through the sacrifice of Jesus, our debt has been paid.







0 comments on “A Record of Sins

  1. Meme AKA Oma says:

    amen– thanks for a much needed reminder
    hugs from Meme

  2. Lisa Severance says:

    Boy do I relate to this. I also know what it is like to have someone track your mistakes and condemn you for them. And you are right, that is what is so wonderful about God. He knows ALL of our mistakes but forgives us and will turn His back on us because of it. A beautiful reminder!

  3. Replica Watches says:

    God has set order into place. He tells us in Genesis 8:22 that, “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter

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