They Sing

It is one of my favorite places to drive past. Horse farms with black fencing cradling the grass and framing the beautiful scenery. This time of year the white birds come. They fly in small groups, descending on their choice of feeding ground. Peaceful, unhurried.

It was yesterday, New Year’s Day. As my car came closer to the little flock, they scattered just a little further away and settled once more on the field just beyond me.

Peaceful. Unhurried. A good example of what my attitude should be in the months to come.




0 comments on “They Sing

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    To know Him so intimately, to rest in His provision as the birds of the air do. I love this picture of the birds!

  2. Replica Watches says:

    The sky looked almost like a painting, with upward strokes here and there. When I think of Heaven and what we might experience, I can imagine the colors

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