Finds Them Watching

The crowd is cheering. You want to do your best. It’s the big game and you have your instructions from the coach. Football isn’t easy, but you’re commited to the challenge.

The players are in position. The action starts and you do just exactly what the coach wanted you to do. There’s one problem—the people in the stands aren’t understanding your instructions and to them, you’ve just made a big mistake.  Boos and hisses stream out from the bleachers over the playing field as the discouragement begins to set in. The coach knows what he’s doing and so do you–but the crowd hasn’t figured it out yet. Taking a quick glance behind your shoulder, you see him on the sidelines, a clipboard in one hand and a "thumbs up" on the other directed right at you.  With added strength, you refocus on the task at hand. You know you must trust your mentor and guide, especially now, when the going is rough. 

In reality, you may not play football, but I’ll bet this has happened to you. God has given you direction in life. You’ve prepared—you’ve endured the practices and the exercises.  You’ve grown, you’ve learned. Just as you’re on the field, ready for action, the crowd becomes unloving, discouraging and distracting. They just don’t understand your orders–or your commitment.

What is there to do? If we look over our shoulder, we may find that God is nearby, giving us the signal of approval. Do we follow the whims of the crowd or do we obey the instructions of our Savior? When we look to see what God thinks about our performance on the "field," His is the only opinion that matters. He knows just how the game is going to be won and what part we are to play. We must trust our Mentor and Guide, especially then, when the going is rough.



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