The Man Who Trusts


I was driving on a highway this evening, just before dusk. The sun was setting, and the clouds were beautifully arrayed in shades of pink and sherbet orange. It had been very stormy in past days, and the sky had been full of interesting mixtures of gray and white.

As I sat at a traffic light, my attention was drawn to a man crossing the multiple lanes ahead of me. He was pushing a baby stroller. It was somewhat difficult for him to maneuver the small wheels over the uneven ground as he made his way to the parking area of some nearby stores. I found myself looking closer to see if he actually had a baby with him. He did.

Driving onward as the light changed from red to green, my thoughts drifted to the stroller’s passenger. I thought of the dangers of crossing several lanes of traffic on foot. I am certain the baby had no fear; he could not begin to understand the seriousness of oncoming traffic at that age. Someone with greater understanding was caring for him and keeping him safe from harm while the stroller made its way to the other side. This precious child was most likely just going along for the ride, enjoying the scenery.

Am I living a multi-lane life, being escorted through dangers I’m not even aware of by my loving Heavenly Father? Are there concerns I could not possibly comprehend that He protects me from, minute by minute?

If God places me in the stroller, I can be sure that He will be with me for the outing, gently pushing my wheels in the direction He wants us to go.




0 comments on “The Man Who Trusts

  1. Bob Bertsche says:


    Thank you. Your post came at just the right time for me.

  2. luvmy4sons says:

    I love this imagery. We are in a stroller being carefully pushed by our Lord. Awesome thought!

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