Sing for Joy


I was standing in my driveway, talking to my husband and son. It was almost dusk out, but the sunset had given a soft glow to certain objects in the front yard. Suddenly, I noticed movement; there in the yellow flowers hovered a moth–a very large moth.

I took a closer look to be sure that it wasn’t a hummingbird. It’s wings were beating at such a high rate of speed that it caused the area around the moth’s body to become blurred.  It was finding beautiful yellow blooms and plunging it’s head far into the flower.

We have a tall "bush" of yellow Four o’clock plants in our yard. Although I have not researched it, I assume that they mostly bloom in the late afternoon, hence the name Four o’clock. Not only do we see the blooms then, but it continues to blossom forth into the dark, night sky.

Sometimes, when we leave the house, we are struck with the aromatic scent that comes from these plants. As darkness surrounds them, they are arrayed in a delicate beauty, Ready for the transition from heat of day to coolness of night, they adorn our sidewalk yearly and have been in various snapshots of our home through the years.

So, why did God make flowers that bloom at night when everyone is supposed to be sleeping? Did He make them to nurture moths, since He knew that moths would not be awake during regularly scheduled daytime blooming? In other words, did He make the flower for the moth or the moth for the flower? I’m afraid the answer flows within a continuous circle of knowledge possessed by only God.

At any rate, the moth and the plant are dependent on one another, as God desires. God’s plans are infallable. His magnificent works tell of the order in which the earth’s inhabitance must adhere to.





0 comments on “Sing for Joy

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Beautiful picture…beautiful thoughts. I am greatly blessed.

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