Kind and Compassionate

At the school where I teach, students will be returning in only days. As a part of the faculty, I and my other teacher friends had to begin this week. It’s time to get things ready for another school year to start. Here we go again, just like last year.

Something else is happening now that was just like last year. I am witnessing extreme——kindness.  Kindness? Yes, and not only that, but compassion as well. 

Area churches have begun to minister to the students and instructors of our school by investing their time and resources. It is evident that these followers of Jesus are commited to showing His love to others through service and ministry toward their needs. They are giving of themselves, blending compassion with kindness–right now–today. Just like last year at this time, church members are seeking out ways to show the love of their Savior to the community in which they live. By modeling these characteristics, they are an encouragment and an example to everyone touched by their caring hearts.

Is there someone you could show kindness to today? 



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  2. luvmy4sons says:

    Wow! That is great! It is nice to hear a story of some kindness. I think it spreads just with the telling of it! Gorgeous flower! That is my favorite color!

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