At All Times


I was studying this morning about how God had planned to rescue the children of Israel from Egypt. From the time God spoke to Abraham about it until the their exodus to the wilderness about four hundred years elapsed.

Now, four hundred years is quite a chunk of time—to us, but not to God. He knew all along about each event leading to that day. His timing is perfect. Our impatience is flawed. To get what we want before it’s proper time would probably not be what we wanted at all.

Most of my family likes cake. The warm smell of chocolate wafting through the house is a pleasant one. Generally, after the flour mix is blended with the eggs, oil and water, it takes about thirty-five minutes or so in the oven for the cake to bake. Not twenty-five, but thirty five. Certainly not fifteen…

What would happen if our youngest son entered the kitchen requesting the cake after the batter had only been in the oven for twenty-five minutes?  Looking into the baking window, it would most likely appear to be done. However, upon it’s removal to the stovetop, a gentle “tap” to the top surface might result in a sudden sinking toward the middle that confirms all suspicions of the gooey, pasty middle that lies beneath the thin, outer layer.

If the cake is not returned for it’s proper preparation, only part of it will be acceptable for consumption. The other is likely to be thrown out and wasted. It may have been only ten minutes, yet it was an important length of time determining the outcome.

How many moments have I wanted my “cake” in life before it was done? Confused, I couldn’t quite grasp why there needed to be more waiting involved. The trouble is, I just thought I knew what it should look like when it was ready.

 In all of the events of our lives, God is the only one who actually knows what is best.

 It is He who has set the timer.



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  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Yes…the ingredients separately don’t taste so good…but mixed and baked-delicous. Great object lesson again. Hugs to you. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments and offer for prayer. It touched me so.

  2. MCSE Certification says:

    May I link to your post?

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