Thoroughly Equipped


This really does happen a lot around here. All of a sudden, our dog will begin to paw relentlessly at something—but we don’t know what she wants. She, on the other hand, knows EXACTLY what she’s after.

It can be in any place in our house. Most recently, she had both front paws on top of our glass topped dining room table. The surface appeared to be empty, except for a candle dish in the center.  Thinking a familiar thought like, "What is she DOING??" I walked closer to investigate. There it was, not yet in reach—-a Cheerio. One single Cheerio. She knew it was there and she had to have it.

If there was one Cheerio located on a surface suspended two feet above my head and hidden from view—would I notice? Would I even care? If my sense of smell were that of the common canine and I was hungry, I guess I might.

Later, I began to think about what our dog had done. In applying it to myself, I thought about seeking out the word of God. Would I sense its importance upon entering a situation? Would I search for it? Would I put forth focused effort to grasp its message in my hand?

If I were hungry for it, I guess I might.

Lord, please give me a hunger for Your word.



0 comments on “Thoroughly Equipped

  1. Mike M says:

    That’s yet another amazing image, Myra! It looks like a jumbo donut! Funny dog too! I could use your dog in my kitchen since my son loves to eat cherrios and leave a few under his chair.

  2. luvmy4sons says:

    My dog does the same thing.They make good vacuums! Such a great application! Glad things are better. Very glad.

  3. In His Glorious Name Ministries says:

    Too neat…

  4. Replica Rolex says:

    I believe Heaven will be colorful, far beyond what our earthly eyes can accept. The various hues that we percieve now are only hints of the heavenly array of glorious colors we will see

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