You may know someone who is currently in the military. Some time ago, I heard an illustration that involved visualizing a possible situation in a soldier’s life. It went something like this:

Imagine that an officer is ordered into a battle zone, deep in the lush, green jungle area of a distant country. On arrival, he takes stock of the situation at hand. He realizes that his group of men are not equipped to carry out the orders given. He will need supplies and reinforcements. He takes the walkie talkie in hand and calls the general, relaying his urgent requests.

Could just anyone send out that call and hope to be received? No. It had to be made from one whom certain authority had been given. The soldier had been granted the authority to ask for what he needed.

As forgiven children of God, we are like the officer. When we find ourselves in need of anything during our time of service to Him, we can be confident that He will receive our requests.  But what if we never make them? What if we never trust God enough to ask for the reinforcements? What if we are too ashamed to ask, or we feel unworthy to make a request?

Does the officer on the field feel unworthy to ask for assistance? Likely, he would be compelled to react in just the opposite manner. With the authority given him to carry out his mission, he would assess the need, and take the steps necessary to communicate that need to his superior.

Luke 11:9b says, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;"  We have been given the authority to ask for help.  We have been given the distinct privilege of coming to our loving God with our petitions and our needs. As we carry out the mission of our lives, He is continually available to hear us when we call.


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