My Commands

It was raining lightly. The temperature was mild.  Since it was Father’s Day, my husband decided he would choose a place to spend some time together with me and our youngest son.  He chose a familiar lakeside park. With the overcast sky, the water was transformed into a sea of brown. The squirrels scampered from tree to tree. The water birds flew effortlessly from one destination to the other. As tiny droplets fell softly on the lush foliage, life was continuing it’s unhurried pace among the creatures who called the waterfront home.

Our son wanted to venture out onto the docks. Just dad and boy, they walked above the calm movement of the water surrounding them, creating a simple memory that would exist beyond the passing of the moment.

As parents, we invest our lives into our children; teaching them, protecting them and admonishing them toward faith in God. It is a worthy task, one with eternal reward.



0 comments on “My Commands

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Such a precious pic for Father’s Day.

  2. Fake Watches says:

    As the band played, the students sang and jumped. With syncronized uniformity, they used identical motions they had learned to accentuate the lyrics of the songs.

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