Tree of Life


Yearning. Longing. Wishing. Hoping. There are so many words that describe that earnest feeling of the heart. Sometimes it is accompanied by "If only" or perhaps "when."  When I’m out of school, if only I could get that promotion…

Another word comes to mind, also. Jubilant. Jubilant? Yes. As the yearning is replaced with the knowledge of the dream come true and hope is confirmed in brilliant reality, jubilation is the natural result. Jubilant people, filled with gratitude, are awash with wellness at that moment. Have you ever seen a gold medalist look anything less than radiant when they are presented with their award? What about the look of joy on a father’s face as he spots his only son in the airport returning home from military service?

Many times our hoping and yearning are matters of prayer. We petition God with our requests; we speak to Him often about our longing in a matter. In trusting Him, we wait for an answer to our concerns. God, in His wisdom, grants us blessings as He sees fit.  As we realize how He is moving in our lives and in the lives of others, we are encouraged. We experience life-giving jubilation as we see the hand of God at work.



0 comments on “Tree of Life

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Amen to your post. But I have to comment on the picture. I am fascinated with water droplets. I often sit on the bottom of the tub in the shower and watch how the water falls and observe the sparkling droplets do their dance. The miracles of even such a small thing as a drop of water. So many miracles in so many places by our awesome God. Love the pic!

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