Spring is a wonderful time of year. Objects that appear lifeless engage in a transformation of renewal, causing the most brittle looking branches to burst into vigorous buds. What has long appeared to be a wilderness may now show evidence of the silent inner working of each plant and tree. Brown and barren, they had held the secret of the change that was yet to come.

I am well acquainted with the wilderness—areas of spiritual wilderness, that is. Praying about a matter while sadly watching the leaves of the situation turn brown and wither, yet hoping for a resolution and  struggling for understanding. At a time when I am not expecting it, I am sometimes reminded of the continual work of God.

As I trudge through the leaf pile of discouragement one more time, my eyes are drawn to a speck of "color" nearby. Further inspection leads me to the conclusion that God had indeed been hearing my longings and has already begun the process of change in the circumstances that had so burdened my heart. Could it be? Definitely….a tiny budding branch of hope, green with newness and moist with the life giving water of  answered prayer.




0 comments on “Wilderness

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    Praying His refreshing waters of hope fall upon you.

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