In the Garden

I attended a Good Friday service this evening. As visitors were admitted in to the building, we were invited to walk to several different areas for personal reflection. On one table there were long thorns from the type of bush that is thought to have been the one used to create Jesus’ crown. Going on further, there were nails, spikes and a roughly constructed hammer.  As I moved from one emphasis to another, I had been instructed to place one of the small reminders of the suffering of Jesus into a bag that had been given to all those who entered.  Among them was a single thorn, a nail, and a cross.  At each area, a written message was provided for the participants. Nearing the end, we were encouraged by the realization that Jesus did not stay in the tomb. He’s alive!

I wonder what the garden looked like that surrounded the tomb where Jesus was laid? Would it have been filled with blooming flowers or vines cascading from the rocks? From it’s very creation, Jesus knew it would be the chosen place for the resurrection. 

Today, on Good Friday, I am in a quiet mood as I consider all that Jesus endured in order to offer salvation and forgiveness of our sin.


0 comments on “In the Garden

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Me too.

  2. Nancy says:

    We can only imagine, but I’m sure it was beautiful. Happy Easter to you!!

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    a written message was provided for the participants.

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