The Mount of Olives

What are your habits? Occasionally, our son’s dog will get out. When she does, the neighborhood hunt begins. Our family descends on backyards and driveways, leashes and collars in hand, ready for the catch. If we hadn’t seen her when she escaped the confines of our home, we begin our search at one specific place–the house in the cul de sac with multiple pets. It has proven to be a favorite spot for our young explorer. So, what about you? Do people know where to look for you? What about me?

Jesus knew what He was about to endure on the cross. What did He do? He spent time with His disciples and He went to the Mount of Olives to pray. The Bible tells us in Luke 22:39 that, "He came out and proceeded as was His custom to the Mount of Olives;"  It was His custom. What is our example? We must pray. We must acknowledge that God is with us always, in constant awareness of our prayers. Is it your custom to pray? When times are difficult are others likely to find you communicating with God?

Distractions seem to draw me away from what I know is best; often I find myself distraught over a matter, without first praying for guidance and peace in the situation. As I continue in my walk through life with the realization that Jesus is my Savior, perhaps the distractions will become less effective and my focus will grow ever clearer on what He would have me to do.  It should be my custom to pray.


0 comments on “The Mount of Olives

  1. In His Glorious Name Ministries says:

    Thanks Myra for this post.

  2. Mike M says:

    I’m either at the sushi bar or at my computer.

    Do I see a bridge in that picture?

  3. luvmy4sons says:

    Oh…to be like Jesus!

  4. Replica Watches says:

    The flowers were in bloom with bursts of color–a gift from God to me and others who viewed them. I am thankful for His enduring love.

  5. Hublot Replica says:

    Noah was commanded to build the ark, so he built it. He was commanded to take the animals on to the ark. The animals came.

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