Nest by the Waters

Birds are so fascinating. I love to watch them go about their day to day routines—pecking the ground in search of food, flying effortlessly in the wind, singing serenades from the trees. Birds seem to know so much. They fly south for the winter and fly north for the spring. They guard their young in the nest after having constructed it in just the right way. Who teaches the birds? Who gives them instruction? Of course, it is their heavenly Creator who instills their knowledge.  With this knowledge, where do they go? They stay close to His provision wherever He wills them to be.

Birds could not be found setting up a nest where no water or food could be found for sustenance.   Some live near the equator while others live closer to the snowy poles. Their places are prepared. Their obedience is sure. Yet, they stay near the source of provision. 

As each day begins,  I may choose to draw close to God, who is my source of life. What if I don’t? I may find myself in a dry, barren place, thirsty without relief–hungry with no nourishment in sight. What is the answer when I make the wrong choice? Return to my Heavenly Father who freely gives wisdom and knowledge to His children, staying close to His provision in the place where He wills me to be.  When I am there, it seems that I find myself singing in the midst of the branches, held up by His compassion and love.


0 comments on “Nest by the Waters

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Love how you related that verse and applied it! What a cute bird!

  2. Hublot Replica says:

    We need only to accept this payment, repent of our mistakes, and, believing in Him, allow Him to guide us as we live out our lives no longer condemned.

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