We Wait for You

It was time for lunch. As I opened the can of tuna, a voice rang out in our kitchen. The voice of our cat….

Often when I open a can of tuna, I take it to our cat’s dish and drain the water from the can.  A sort of "feline soup." He loves it. In fact, when the opener first pierces the can, he begins his imploring solo. Today, as I was draining the fluid over the feeding dish, he came right up to where I was pouring and positioned his head right under the stream and began drinking. Unwilling to fill my pet’s fur with tuna water, I stopped serving and left him to finish his treat. The thought actually came to my mind, "I could have given you so much more, had you not been so impatient." By the time I had reached the other side of my kitchen, that thought was somehow speaking to me.

How many times might there have been that God was ready to give me more of what I yearned for, yet I was too impatient to wait for His timing?  Had I moved too quickly in situations, taking things into my own hands instead of seeking His will? Had I settled for one ounce of tuna water when I could have had two? Had I picked some budding flowers only to find that they would have bloomed more beautifully had they been allowed to mature a little longer?




0 comments on “We Wait for You

  1. Snowflake says:

    Are those flowers impatients? They look like the ones I grow in my back yard. If so, it’s pretty fitting.

    That’s a great thought and I think you’re right. Poor kitty didn’t know what he was missing. My Harry starts his morning meowing for breakfast the second the alarm goes off in my head…because he gets so loud so early, I sometimes deliberatly wait to feed him so he’ll learn to wait. I even go so far as to fill one dish fuller than the other and place the less-full one down first for him, and let Gryffin, the thin one have the more full dish (I doubt they get the difference, but I know what I’m doing). Now that you mention it, I wonder if God does that to/for us as a way of teaching us?

    Great post 🙂 And not just cuz you use a cat analogy.

  2. In His Glorious Name Ministries says:


  3. luvmy4sons says:

    You have no idea how appropos this ws whiel we imatiently aited to be discharged from the hospital today. Home now. And yes, paient waiting. We had a good lesson recnetly. God is good.

  4. Hublot Replica says:

    We need only to accept this payment, repent of our mistakes, and, believing in Him, allow Him to guide us as we live out our lives no longer condemned.

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