0 comments on “Repenting with Sorrow

  1. Claire says:

    get ya :o) it is good to know that we can go to the throne of grace at not only times of need, but at times we need refeshment or comfort, leading and driection…

  2. Claire says:

    ps myra – left a comment for you on my blog – i cant remember what post, reagarding aasking a question…

  3. In His Glorious Name Ministries says:

    Oh what a beautiful picture of the very peace and stillness, that comes with Godly repentance…

  4. Sweet Mummy says:

    I love your pictures, Myra. Very cool. Let me know how to e-mail you so we can ‘chat’. You can write to me too – my e-mail address is listed in my sidebar. I”ll be writing more specifically about being a pastor’s wife so I’ll look forward to your comments!!

  5. Snowflake says:

    Very nice…I really love your stuff Myra!

  6. Libero ZP500S says:

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